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All-Inclusive Trips

Pack Trips

These trips include pack and saddle stock, packer and guide, a camp cook, meals, comfortable camp including tents, chairs, tables, lanterns, privy, etc. You bring your sleeping bag/pad, personal items, fishing gear and any alcoholic beverages you desire – we provide the rest! These trips are customizable to fit your dream trip! Please see our package options below for examples. These are offered as single destination base camps or traveling trips.

Type # of People *Rate
All inclusive & no saddle horses (you hike) N/A $250/person per day
All inclusive with saddle horses N/A $300/person per day

*10% government fee not included in pricing on all pack trips
*4 person and 4 day minimum except on select trips
*Rates may be discounted for longer duration trips

Extended Hire Trips

Pack Trips

These are stock supported hiking or riding trips that include packer, guide, and stock. You can choose to make a base camp for day trip riding or hiking to surrounding areas or do a traveling destination trip. These trips are customizable. You provide your own camping gear and food while the packer takes care of the stock.

Type *Rate
Stock assisted hiking trips $175/person per day
Extended hire with saddle horse $220/person per day

*10% government fee not included in pricing on all pack trips
*4 person and 5 day minimum unless special arrangements are made
*100 lbs of gear per person max – additional pack animals available for additional fee

Drop Trips

Pack Trips

We load and pack your gear into your destination of choice. You can choose to ride a saddle horse or hike in. We will return and pick you up on a pre-determined day of your choosing. You can also choose to do a one way drop trip where we drop you off and you hike yourself and your gear out on your own. We have many destination choices to accommodate the experience you are looking for! We are happy to talk to you and help you decide which trip is the best for your group! Some of our most popular destinations include Relief Reservoir, Kennedy Lake, Maxwell Lake, Huckleberry Lake, Dorothy Lake, Emigrant Lake, Emigrant Meadow Lake, Horse Meadow and any other destination of your choosing within the Emigrant Wilderness, Carson Iceberg Wilderness and Northern Yosemite National Park.

Type Duration *Rate
Packer/Guide with saddle horse One day (15 miles max one way) $275
Packer/Guide with saddle horse Overnight (over 15 miles one way) $440
Saddle horse or pack animal One day (15 miles max one way) $110
Saddle horse or pack animal Overnight (over 15 miles one way) $180
Maxwell/Snow Lake Special N/A $330 packer / $140 animal

*10% government fee not included in pricing on all pack trips
*Duration of stay does not affect the price, only amount of stock required and destination

Dunnage/Resupply Trips

Pack Trips

This is a great option for backpackers wanting an easier hike in or out of their destination, allowing you to get further in one day! We can take your gear in and drop it off at a set location of your choice, pick up your gear from a location while you hike out, or we can meet you along the way to resupply you while in the middle of your trip! The resupply option allows for you to extend the duration of your trip without the added weight of supplies.

Please see Drop Trip Rates above

Example Trip

One packer and one mule can transport 150 pounds of gear up to 15 miles one way for $350 + 10% government fee

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