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Guided Horseback Rides


Trail rides are a great way to experience the beauty that the wilderness has to offer. However, it can be physically challenging and will require a certain amount of physical ability to safely enjoy your trip. We strongly recommend riders be in good enough physical shape to mount, dismount, and ride a horse, walk on rough terrain, and other activities involved in wilderness travel. Mountain weather can be inclement, though most of the time it is nice. We suggest picking a trail ride that fits the member with the least amount of experience and physical ability of your group.
All riders must be at least 7 years old to ride.
Below are some physical considerations:
  • Weight – MAXIMUM weight of 260 lbs (call for special considerations)
  • Altitude sickness – if you are sensitive to altitude changes, please consider this as a factor when considering a high Sierra Wilderness trip
  • General Health – if you have health conditions that may present a problem in a wilderness setting please be sure to take all the steps beforehand to mitigate these problems as well as ask your doctor if it is okay for you. (ex heart conditions, asthma, surgeries, etc)
  • Allergies - if you are allergic to items that are found in the wilderness and/or horses please come prepared for this should an allergic event occur (EpiPen, medication)

  1. Must be physically fit to safely ride a horse in the mountains.
  2. Must follow and understand all instructions given by Kennedy Meadows Staff.
  3. No back packs on horse. Camel backs are allowed.
  4. Never get on or off horse without permission and assistance from Kennedy Meadows Staff.
  5. Properly hold onto reins at all times.
  6. Do not allow horse to eat while on trail.
  7. Keep horse single file and close to horse in front of you. Don’t let large gaps develop between you and horse in front of you.
  8. Never take off or put on clothing while riding. Ask guide for assistance if needed.
  9. Keep your self and saddle centered on horse at all times.
  10. If saddle feels loose, immediately tell guide.
  11. No running horses.
  12. Stay away from pack animals at all times.
  13. Watch riders around you for safety concerns and say something to guide if you see something.
  14. Wear appropriate clothing for riding. Long pants, close toed shoes that fit in stirrup and hats that won’t blow off.
  15. No riding double.
  16. If you don’t understand instructions or safety rules, ask Kennedy Meadows Staff to clarify.

For All Day and Half Day rides you bring your own lunch and water or you can purchase a trail lunch in the restaurant prior to your departure. We will provide saddle bags for your personal items and food. We recommend sunscreen, clothing suitable for current weather conditions, and light rain gear may be appropriate for all day trips.

Fishing gear is allowed on All Day rides only. Poles and gear should be collapsible and compact to safely carry on the horse.

Please arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled departure time to allow time to pay for your ticket, fill out the waivers, and read through safety instructions.

Long pants and closed toed shoes. Bring layers to accommodate varying weather conditions. Rain gear is suggested on day rides and may be appropriate for other rides. A billed hat and sunglasses are also suggested. Riding helmets are available at the pack station. Helmets are required for minors under 18 years old and are optional for adults.

Kennedy Meadows strongly recommends leaving your dog at home for the safety of your dog and your group. The back country is pretty rough even on a dog who’s in extremely good condition, and is used to walking many, many miles through rocky terrain. Add to that the danger of horses’ and mules' hooves and you would be better off leaving Rover with friends at home.

If you are happy with the work that your packer did for you and your group, gratuities are certainly customary and appreciated. (A general rule of thumb for tips is 10% of the bill divided among those that helped on your trip)

You will be required to purchase your ticket before the departure of your ride. We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover card.

This ride is approximately one hour long going through the meadows, across the river and over a bridge! (trail varies depending on weather and trail conditions)

U.S. Forest Service
Kennedy Meadows operates under permit from the U.S. Forest Service